hy Cat in a Tree?

Welcome!  First, thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Cat in a Tree is based on the idea of being different, more creative, and better than the competition. With that concept in mind, the website is designed with that same energy and vision. For example, I worked with Smack Happy Design, LLC, based in San Francisco, California, to create the website instead of creating a bland, do-it-yourself website. The Cat in a Tree logo is also custom designed, and the website incorporates photographs I took during my short stint as a photography student at Columbia College, in Chicago, instead of using cheesy stock photography. The photographs are meant to represent the beauty and diversity of people that I love to work with, and to represent my commitment to making patrons my number one priority.

There are also elements of high fashion and poetry implemented on the website, and homages to the City of Chicago (where I was born and raised), Orange County in California, San Francisco, and New York City (all places I have lived), to promote my desire to work with consumers across the country.

The thoughtfulness that went into creating the website carries over to the level of service I provide. I differentiate my business from the competition in three main categories:



Cat in a Tree is a small business, operated as a single-member limited liability company (LLC). I operate the business out of a home office, and I do not hire employees or spend tons of money on national advertising and marketing. With such low overhead costs, I can provide, in most situations, more affordable accounting and tax services than traditional CPA firms and commercial retail tax preparation stores.

ommunication and Customer Service:

Patrons work directly with me—I do not have any other partners, staff accountants, or administrative assistants. Patrons are always assured of whom to communicate with and who is accountable for the work and services performed. This business model creates a better and clearer line of communication with patrons, and it provides more efficient customer service.

ducation and Experience:

have over fifteen years of combined education and professional work experience in the fields of accounting and taxation. I have earned and currently maintain professional designations as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Enrolled Agent (EA), and licensed attorney in the State of New York.

So-called tax "experts" at commercial retail tax preparation stores rarely have CPA firm quality experience, nor do they hold any type of professional designation. Likewise, staff accountants at CPA firms, the employees that do most of the accounting and tax preparation work, are inexperienced or fresh out of school, and they usually do not hold a professional designation.

I'm always looking to build long-term relationships with consumers who desire accounting and tax services. Please contact me to discuss your accounting and tax needs.